Les prépositions en anglais


les prépositions en anglaisLes prépositions introduisent toujours un nom ou un groupe nominal.

-vous n’êtes pas sûr de savoir où placer la préposition dans la phrase?

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 Les principales prépositions en anglais

-lieu: above, across, along, among, at, behind, below, beside, between, by, close to, down, from, in, in front of, inside, into, near, next to, off, on, opposite, out of, outside, over, past, round, through, to, towards, under, up

-temps: at, in, on, by, during

-cause: because of, owing to, considering, given, in view of

-contraste: contrary to, unlike, in spite of, despite, instead of

-manière: as, like

-argumentation: according to, as for, as regards, regarding, about

Ordre des mots quand on utilise une préposition en anglais


La préposition se place toujours devant le groupe nominal.



-dans les questions: la préposition se place à la fin de la question et est accentuée (alors qu’elle ne l’est pas dans une phrase déclarative)

Who was he talking to?

What are you looking at?

Écoutez Madonna dire cette phrase au tout début de Vogue.


-dans les relatives: la préposition se place généralement à la fin de la relative et est également accentuée.

I want to show you the dress I was telling you about.

This is the school I went to.



Exemples d’expressions contenant des prépositions



abide by the law

account for something

accuse someone of something

agree with someone on / about something

aim at something

apologize for something

blame someone for something

borrow something from someone

break into a house

charge £10 for something

charge someone with a crime

confess to doing something

confide in someone

congratulate someone on something

crave for something

deal with something

devote oneself to something

disapprove of something

escape from somewhere

excuse someone for something

expect something from someone

forgive someone for something

get on well with someone

glance at something

hear from someone

hear of something

hint at something

indulge in something

insist on doing something

keep someone from doing something

laugh at someone

live through something

long for something

look after someone

look at something

look for something

look forward to doing something

look like someone

make for the door

make up for something

persist in doing something

prevent someone from doing something

do it on purpose

rely on a friend

run out of petrol

steal something from someone

succeed in doing something

think about something

think of doing something

think of someone

arrive in time

arrive on time

wonder at something



accustomed for something

addicted to something

angry with someone about something

different from something

disappointed in / with someone / something

famous for something

fond of something

free from something

good at English

grateful to someone for something

independant of someone

keen on something

lacking in something

pleased with / at something

proud of something

surprised at something


PRÉPOSITION + NOM (ou groupe nominal)

be on the dole

be on fire

be on the first floor

be on holiday

in my opinion

for my part

in the long run

for sale

at the same time

for the time being

on second thoughts

out of jealousy

at war

at work

at school

out of work



a desire for something

a decline in something

a drop in prices

a fall in prices

an increase in prices

a rise in prices

the lack of something


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